Monster Fighters by Lego are a brand new theme due to be launched in 2012 between April and June. Lego sources have indicated that there are eight known sets to be released with the plot centred around a Moon Stone.

The Moon Stones are crystals that Dracula plans to obtain to cause havoc across Earth. There are six crystals to collect – can he be stopped?

So far we know that the set names and figures included are as follows:

  • The Swamp Monster – including Frank Rock and Swamp Monster.
  • Mummy – including Mummy and Ann Lee.
  • The Werewolf – including Werewolf and Explorer.
  • Vampire Hearse – including Dracula, Hearse Driver and Dr. Rodney.
  • The Zombies – including Zombies (thought to be at least 2).
  • The Mad Professor and His Monster – including Frankenstein, The Monster, Dr. Rodney, Jack McHammer.
  • Ghost Train – including Ghosts (3) and Monster Fighters (2).
  • Vampire Castle – including Dracula, Dracula’s Bride, Bat Monster (2) and Monster Fighter (2).

It is expected that by June 2012 these sets will start to hit shelves in the US (and hopefully shortly after the UK) with an example set such as Ghost Train retailing around £50.00.